Our members are individuals from all walks of life and all backgrounds who are motivated to develop their careers and achieve their full potential.

If this is for you, then come join us for fun and exciting ways to learn, grow and develop your confidence.

How do I  join?

Come as a guest first! If you wish to join us, tell one of our officers or contact us for more information.

You will get the membership application form that you can complete directly at the meeting. We will need the following information from you (required for registration in Toastmasters International):

  • full name
  • phone number
  • full address (postal code, city and street)
  • email address


Membership fee is € 120 per year, to be paid in two installments during the year. The fee is pro-rated if you join in other months; therefore the actual amount depends on when you join the club.

The one-time registration fee is € 17, only for those who have never been a member of any Toastmasters club anywhere in the world.

As you return the signed application form you will be asked to transfer the fee to our club’s bank account (bank account number 5060777244/ 0900 – SK3109000000005060777244/ GIBASKBX).

Payment details: your First name and Last name. Bank transfer is our preferred payment method. The transparent bank account is accessible via www.transparentneucty.sk

Upon confirmation of the receipt of your payment we will add you to our Club members mailing list. You will receive your Competent Communication and Competent Leadership manuals, and can start preparing for your active participation in our club meetings.

We videotape the meetings and make videos available for our club members for private use only. Being confident in front of a group is one thing but being confident and happy about it is also important. The camera can help you to discover the minor changes you need to do in order to achieve your goals in public speaking or presentation skills.