• Guide, coordinator and host of the first part of the meeting
  • Introduces speakers and table topics roles and participants
  • Ensures smooth transitions and adheres to the time set out in the meeting agenda

Table Topics master

  • Prepares questions around a central theme or topic
  • Asks members individual questions related to the chosen topic


  • Prepares a speech based on project objectives in the Competent Communication and/or Advanced Communication manuals

General Evaluator

  • Hosts the second part of the meeting
  • Reviews the meeting in general, comments on significant flaws or successes
  • Provides guidance for the next meeting
  • Offers support and introduces members of the evaluation team (Speech Evaluator, Grammarian, Timer and Ah-counter)


  • Evaluates one of the prepared speeches of the meeting
  • Gives a verbal and written evaluation using the guide set out in the manual


  • Selects and Explains the Quote of the Day/ Word of the Day
  • Presents a short report at the end of the meeting on members’ use of the Word of the Day, and other grammatically noteworthy usage such as clichés, poor or incorrect word usage and/or pronunciation


  • Counts the usage of filler words, such as “ah,” “uh,” “basically”, “so”, “maybe” and “you know.” (This is the Ah counter part :-))


  • Records the duration of all activities throughout the meeting and reports them during the evaluation session

For more information please click Meeting Roles