Is Your Life a Carnival?

Carnival season is about to begin!

Much like the ebb and flow of joy and seriousness in our own lives, carnival comes to remind us to let loose and have some fun before we get back to business again.

What kinds of  costumes, masks, parties and parades are you fascinated (or repulsed) by? Are you ever inspired to live your life as though it was one big party or do you prefer to keep things toned down and laced up?

Maybe coming to this Toastmasters meeting will help bring some balance to your life whether or not you’re a hedonist or a hermit. Hope to see you there!

DATE:   February 2, 2016
PLACE:  Kovoprojekt, Ruzova dolina 6, Bratislava

              Enter the main entrance, sign our attendee list and follow the Toastmasters sign.

TIME:    18.45

COST:    Free

amadeus mask